Patrick Gharios

Conductor & Co-founder

Patrick Gharios was 7 years old when he started playing the piano at the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory. He practiced for 9 consecutive years after which he pursued his passion, studying "Musique Savante Europeenne" at the Antonine University in Baabda, Lebanon.

Patrick's love for music took him to the virtual world in quest of online courses through which he acquired many training certificates in orchestration, music theory, music harmony, piano techniques, mixing & mastering, and music technologies, in addition to voice techniques. Patrick's most recent certificate was granted to him by Berklee Online, the number one music production college worldwide. This certificate widened his horizons to start recording and producing music.

Having conducted small and medium choirs, Patrick performed as a freelance pianist with numerous high-end choirs like the Antonine University Choir, in big events such as Beirut Chants international festivals, and at renowned places including Forum de Beyrouth.

Patrick is now the co-founder and conductor of Syncope Choir and music entertainment group since its establishment in 2010. Attended by thousands of people at the Palais des Congres, Dbaye, Syncope Choir 2015, 2017 & 2018 concerts were a mere success. Those events included a set of songs orchestrated and arranged by Patrick, and interpreted by the professional Syncope orchestra.

in 2017, Patrick took part in a conducting masterclass in Italy where he made his professional conducting debut with the unique opportunity where only 12 conductors from all over the world gathered to train and develop orchestral conducting studies under the supervision of Maestro Luis Miguel Clemente from Portugal and Maestro Roberto Fioere from Italy.

In 2018, he conducted an Italian orchestra in the prestigious Saint Paolo Basilica in Vatican City. Patrick is aiming to become, in parallel to his professional life, an international conductor through his education, diligence, and fortitude.

In 2019, Patrick founded "Haut De Gamme", an entertainment production hub, established on the highest levels of professionalism and is determined to create exciting and memorable musical experiences for all the audience.

In 2020, he opened a music studio in Beirut, Lebanon. The studio is specialized in audio design, mixing & mastering, recording, and many other services. Since then, all his musical ideas and projects are cooked and shaped in this dedicated location.

Patrick's music journey is still far from being complete, and the best is yet to come!